Two Storey Extensions

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There are so many things to think about if you are trying to weigh up the options of moving to a new property or adding some home improvements to your current home.
Move House or Add Value?

A two storey extension can in fact reduce the need for you to move home. It can increase traditional living spaces for you and your family, but can also add accommodation in the form of extra bedrooms at the same time.

The ground floor would traditionally be used as a living space but you could quite easily create guest a bedroom or perhaps an office space instead. On the other side, the first floor is generally used to create bedrooms and bathrooms but if you have used the downstairs to create a guest area, perhaps consider using the upstairs for a living room.

Many people do not consider it can be more cost effective to build two storey extension than a single storey extension. Both require a foundation and a roof, which are the most expensive aspects of the build. In addition to this, the two storey or double storey extension creates a more efficient use of the outdoor space because you are still using the same area just simply building up or down.

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