Gable End Loft Conversions

Gable end loft conversions are also known as hip to gable loft conversions. As with any type of loft conversion project, they are becoming more and more popular because rather than having to move to a new property, clients are simply building a loft conversion instead.

Converting a loft room into a new space can be a fun especially when you are able to enjoy the fruits of your labour. If you’re planning to have more children and need extra space or you have decided to set up your own business and work from home, then a gable end loft conversion could be just what you need.

The good news is that with a large number of gable end loft conversions there is no requirement to obtain planning permission under permitted development (PD) rules but you would still be required to obtain building regulations approval. 4C’s would always advise speaking to your local council first or we can do that on your behalf.

The loft conversion process for gable end loft conversions is pretty simple. The idea is that by making changes to the shape of your roof it can give you added headroom, floor space and your old attic room a lease of new life. Increasing the loft space you have not only increase the value of your property but it also creates a larger living area for you and your family to enjoy for the future.

As with a lot of properties if you have hipped roofs where the sides of the roof slope inwards there is a good possibility that a gable end loft conversion is right for you. This type of loft construction consists of changing one of the sides so that it has a vertical wall at the end, which can immediately provide much more space. If you have two sides in which you can make vertical then you may be able to open up the space even further with a double gable end loft conversion.

Something to also take into account with any attic renovations or loft conversions is that with a gable end loft conversion there may also be the potential to explore dormer construction (i.e. loft dormer) or mansard loft conversion to gain the maximum amount of living space possible.

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