Modern House Extensions

Home Improvements

Living in a modern house and need extra space? You’ll want to know the types of extensions available for you to extend your home. 4C’s have a wide range of modern house extensions that you can choose from including garage extensions and garden room extensions depending on your type of property.

Referred to as rear extensions because they are positioned to the rear (or back) of the house. Popular for people who own terraced houses.

Side Return Extensions

Often built when a property is on the corner of the street to utilise wasted space at the side of the building.

Modern House Extensions

Modern house extensions are just one type of house extension we are asked to undertake as part of the services we offer for extending a house. As with any projects there are a number of reasons you might consider extending your home but you also have to think about the costs involved in building an extension such as the design, legal fees and planning permission.

Freedom of Choice

In addition to the two modern house extensions mentioned previously, you can choose from a selection of styles and materials for example glass extensions, modular extensions and contemporary extensions. House extensions can also be added to different areas of the property and can come in different sizes.

Single Storey Extensions

They are also known as ground floor extensions. These extend outwards rather than upwards. Popular when extending rooms such as a kitchen.

Two Storey Extensions

Can be referred to as double storey extensions because they are two stories high, create extra living space and more accommodation all at once.

Home additions are popular because home extensions can allow you to add the space you need without having to move house and can also add to its value. Loft extensions are one of the most popular types of room extensions but kitchen extensions, utility room extensions and living room extensions are also very popular.

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