House Plans

Planning an extension or planning a loft conversion?

In many cases you will be required to obtain planning permission for extensions to your property and loft conversion planning permission can also be a requirement, which is why our team of experts are continually on hand to help guide you through this process.

Making Decisions

When considering who will be responsible for your house plans its important to ensure you are making an informed decision. These plans will become an integral part of your building or construction project. Ensure that your building plans are not only accurate but the individual(s) preparing them has a clear understanding of house architecture and a number of years of industry experience.

Plan drawing is a skill and a cost to take into account as part of your overall budget. Whether you are creating room addition plans to secure planning permission or require plans to display the layout of your home for an estate to help sell your property, always source a professional individual or firm to look after this.

Types of Plans

If you are not familiar with the different options that are available to you things can get quite confusing. However, it can be as simple as needing small house plans or modern house plans but that will be totally dependent on you.

Extension plans

If you are planning a house extension, you will require house extension plans such as single storey house plans or more specifically kitchen extension plans. No matter the type of extension project, we can work with you to create the respective plans for you.

Loft plans

Perhaps you are thinking about a conversion project? If this is the case, you could require attic conversion plans or loft conversion plans (sometimes referred to as loft extension plans). Loft conversion planning can include dormer loft conversion plans with a key focus on the loft conversion floor plans.

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