Hipped Roof Loft Conversions

A hipped roof loft conversion allows you to convert an attic room into a new loft room with a lot more additional loft space. The loft conversion process can be simple if planned correctly so there are certain building principles our team will follow when converting a loft.

Building a loft conversion is an investment not only of time but money and resources as well, especially when undertaking attic renovations, loft construction and using reliable methods which have been developed, enhanced, tried and tested over the years.

What is a hipped roof loft conversion?

A type of loft conversion predominantly installed on terraced, semi detached and detached houses. They need to have sloping roods to the rear, side and front of the property in order for them to be deemed suitable for this type of loft conversion.

A hipped (sloping) roofed house has no gables or vertical sides so by changing the side hip to become vertical, this allows you to create a hipped roof loft conversion and therefore defines the name of the conversion.

How much does it cost?

Put simply it can be quite expensive to create a hipped roof loft conversion because as with a Mansard loft conversion, there is a lot of work which is involved. The positive side of things is that it is not only a great long term investment but it can create the space you need in the short term as well.

Do I need permission?

Fortunately for many hipped roof loft conversions, planning permission is not required and you do not have to submit a planning application. This is mainly due to a scheme called permitted development (PD) but it is still important to check with the local authorities just in case there are restrictions. You do however need building approval with regard to loft conversions and we can advise you which is the most suitable and safe route to take.

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