Dormer Loft Conversions

Projecting vertically from the plane of a sloped roof, a front or rear dormer loft conversion can transform a previously wasted attic room in your home into a fantastic new and usable loft space. The main reason our clients opt for these types of attic renovations and loft conversions are because the new loft room can create a lot of valuable headroom and floor space lit up with natural exterior lighting.

Planning Permission

Fortunately with dormer loft conversions and loft construction, they can generally be completed without the need for planning permission. The reason for this is because they fall under something called permitted development (PD). It is important to ensure you speak to the local authorities to confirm that your particular project falls under this rule but also just as important to remember that with any loft conversion on a house, you must obtain Building Regulations Approval even if planning permission is not required.

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Although a building a loft conversion in the form of a loft dormer is not the most aesthetically pleasing types of loft conversion, it does however offer a larger amount of floor space and headroom in comparison to the other types of conversions. The following are the main types of dormer construction available when considering the loft conversion process:

This is the most cost effective type of dormer loft conversion.

Shed Dormers

Also has a flat roof but with this option, it is angled downwards.

Gable Fronted Dormers

A more aesthetically pleasing version of the loft dormer with a gable wall extension and new roof section built out towards the gable end.

Hipped Roof Dormers

Another pleasing alternative which features three sloping planes of a hipped roof that converge at the ridge of the dormer.

The above types of dormer loft conversions can enable you to create a master bedroom with en suite shower room, new home office away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or even a self contained studio flat. The key thing to ask when choosing bespoke loft conversions is do you prefer contemporary loft conversions, modern loft conversions or luxury loft conversions.

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