Mansard Loft Conversions

If you are trying to plan attic renovations and work out the most effective way to turn an empty attic room into a practical loft space or loft room, then a mansard loft conversion could be just what you need.

Converting a loft is something our team has many years of experience in including loft construction, building a loft conversion, the types of loft conversions available and the loft conversion process.

A mansard loft conversion is typically more expensive than the alternatives because of the amount of work required when you change the structure of the roof and because of the amount of space it then offers.

A mansard loft conversion is a type of loft conversion, which creates an extension across the plane of your roof and usually these conversions are situated at the rear of a property as they include a dormer construction. Mansard loft conversions convert the sloping side of your roof to a near vertical side, a flat roof with small loft dormer windows. They require more work than other types of loft conversions but the results and additional living space are worth the investment.

Unfortunately for this type of extension you will find that planning permission is generally required because you change the roof shape and structure. They create the maximum amount of living space available within your roof and therefore create another storey to your home.

Building a mansard loft conversion is actually more like creating an extension to your home because of the amount of space it allows you to create. Whether used this as a lounge, home office, kids bedrooms or perhaps a self-contained man cave, the choice is yours and possibilities are endless.

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