Kitchen Extensions

For anyone interested in a new kitchen extension, there are a number of options available to you depending on the size and style of your property. 4C’s find that in many cases our customers in Ealing and surrounding areas of London tend to go for rear extensions which can also be known as back extensions to incorporate their new kitchen.

When extending your home it is important to understand the whole process from start to finish, which is why our friendly and professional team based in Ealing are always on hand to answer any questions or address any potential issues that they may come across during the build of your kitchen extension.

Fancy a new kitchen?

The main reason our clients contact us regarding kitchen extensions is to create extra space because their current kitchen is too small, cramped and is no longer suitable, especially with a growing family. To extend a room and transform the old kitchen space into something more spacious and suitable, we consult with you to understand the exact needs you have when building an extension. Extending a house or extending your home is of course a great way to increase the value of the property.

Once we have worked out what you like and dislike about the existing space, we can discuss kitchen extension ideas that allow you to not only get the additional space you require but ensure it is practical based on what you want to achieve. As you and your family get older, your needs will also change so its important to future proof the space. Remember, any type of kitchen extension is a long term investment so its important for us to make sure it is something you will utilise on a regular basis.

What are my options?

With house extensions or property extensions, there are a number of ways we can increase the space. When extending a kitchen some of the most popular options are listed below.

Combine Rooms

Put simply this means knocking down a stud partition wall perhaps between the kitchen and living room or kitchen and dining room to create an open planned layout.

Add a Room

For those who live in certain types of properties, it might make more sense to fill in the space to the side of the property to create a wider kitchen space that perhaps includes a dining area.

Rear Extensions

Home extensions deliver the best results when extending out to the back or rear of the property, perhaps in the form of a conservatory. This way you can guarantee having enough space especially if you have a large garden.

An open plan kitchen extension, which is well designed, not only provides natural light but it helps to create a practical central space for dining, relaxing, living, working and entertaining. The addition of doors, which open onto the garden creates what some class as a garden room where the outside is brought inside.

A lot of our business comes via recommendations because when finding a professional our clients will generally speak to friends and family who have already been through a similar experience. You can also ask your designer whom they would recommend based on their experiences to ensure you are making the right decision.

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