Terraced House Extensions

Before you think about terraced house extensions it is wise to first of all see if anyone else living in your area has embarked on this type of project. Extending a house is not something you should take lightly because extensions require a substantial amount of work and in some cases quite a large investment.

Why home extensions?

Like with most of our clients, you probably need to extend your home. Additions to the family seem to be one of the most popular reasons for a home extension because it gives you additional space without having to move to a new home and potentially a new area.

House extensions can add valuable space when extending a room such as a bedroom to include an en suite bathroom. Other types of room extensions can include living room extensions, loft extensions, kitchen extensions and utility room extensions.

Terraced house extensions can be popular when the building is split into flats. If you own the whole building this can then be a long-term investment, which allows you to yield a higher return over time having tenants move in who require just a little more space.

If you are not working with the right team for the design and build, the different options surrounding property extensions can be extremely confusing. The good news is that we our team in Ealing have been working on house extensions for as long as we can remember so we will guide you through the process of building an extension.

Types of Extensions

From modular house extensions through to contemporary extensions and glass extensions, the possibilities can be endless. Terraced house extensions in the form of victorian house extensions can be as simple or complex as you like depending on your needs but the following are the most popular we find customers enquire about.

  • Rear Extensions (known as Back Extensions)
  • Ground Floor Extensions (known as Single Storey Extensions)
  • Two Storey Extensions (known as Double Storey Extensions
  • Side Return Extensions (i.e. Terraced houses on the corner of the street)

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