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Once you have decided that a rear extension is right for you and your home, it is crucial you have an idea of the variety of space that the extension is going to be used for. This will benefit the construction and build time as there may be extras such as installing water pipes (for use in a kitchen extension), electricity and lighting (both internal, external and in the form of windows).

Why Consider a Rear Extension?

Aside from the fact that your home will feel much larger with the extra space, a rear extension can be fantastic for people to experience the “outdoors feeling” year round with a large glass based extension or something more modular like a conservatory. As we know all too well, property prices are constantly fluctuating and gradually increasing, an extension will increase the value greatly which of course is a investment opportunity for you and your family. Another positive reason for extending your property is helping you face that daunting garden! An outdoors space such as a garden or patio area can be a wonderful thing, but requires a great deal of maintenance. Having a portion of this transformed into extra property can make your outdoors space much more manageable.

Designs and plans can be an intimidating prospect but we here at 4C’s can assist with all aspects of this making your extension dreams a reality in and surrounding Ealing.

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