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Loft Conversions are an ever-growing favourite when making a choice regarding renovating your property. If you have loft space, then there is a good chance it is not being used to its full potential. Many of our clients in and around the Ealing area have had their homes transformed with the addition of a fully functioning third floor, adding an extra bedroom, home office or entertainment area.

There are a number of types of roof conversions, all depending on the type of roof you have on your property. A Hipped Roof Conversion takes a roof with four angled edges and pushes the gables out to create a roof with two sloping sides or, if you only require one side extended, take a look at our Hip to Gable section. Not only does this give your home the maximum headroom on the third floor, and the possibility to make it a liveable space but it also adds a more contemporary look from the outside of your home. As a side note, the majority of loft conversion do not need planning permission, but we here at 4C’s would always recommend speaking with your local council before going ahead with conversion procedures.

Advantages of a Hipped Roof Conversion

A Hipped Roof is the most limited in terms of capacity (related to property footprint) out of loft shapes, so a Hipped Roof Conversion would give a significant increase of volume to your third floor. This then allows the fitting of bedroom, bathroom, en-suite or home office facilities which we can plan and arrange once the construction work has commenced. Furthermore, if a lower floor extension (such as a Rear Extension, or Garage Conversion) isn’t possible, or you cannot get planning permission then a Roof Conversion is a great idea to combat that and add another dimension to your home.

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