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Gable End, Hip to Gable End, Loft Conversion, Attic Conversion; there are so many varieties of Loft renovations. Don’t know where to begin? Let us at 4C’s of Ealing assist! Aside from the extensive variety of Loft Conversions, we are a leading force in a plethora of home improvements such as Kitchen Extensions, Bedroom and Ensuite fittings, modular extensions like conservatories amongst others in the Ealing area. The first step would be to identify the style and form of your current roof, compare to similar period properties in your local area, or a simple Google search will suffice!

The Benefits of a Hip to Gable Conversion

One you have decided on a type of loft conversion, you can start planning what you would like to do with the new space. Having a Hip to Gable End Conversion raises one side of your roof (the slope) with a vertical wall, allowing the homeowners the maximum height available in line with the tallest part of your roof. Despite having a pitched roof on two sides, having a Hip to Gable Conversion will give you the opportunity to add another bedroom or office space; with lighting not being an issue with an addition of some sky lights.

Many customers view the Hip to Gable conversion as “the perfect compromise”. You gain headroom and an additional room on a third floor – yet retaining the ability to keep the rest of the loft space for storage, water/gas access point or use as a bedroom with the conversion allowing a bathroom or shower room installation. It is also worth bearing in mind that the majority of Hip to Gable Conversions do not require planning permission, however, if you are concerned about permission always check with your local council.

A Hip to Gable End Conversion isn’t limited to just converting one side of your roof. If you have two sloped sides either side of your loft you can benefit from adding headroom either end. We would definitely recommend this type of renovation as it allows a significant amount of room added to your loft space, with the potential of adding more light alongside space.

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