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So you’ve decided to make some adjustments to your home. After establishing an idea of how and what you would like to extend, your loft space has come up trumps. Now it’s just a matter of how you would like to create more upstairs space to benefit the whole household. Aside from using what is known as “dead-space” to your advantage, extending or converting a loft is great as it will not greatly affect your day to day living area unlike a rear extension or adding a modular extension for example. The majority of the work will take place on your new third (or second if you currently reside in a bungalow) floor and allow you to live your day-to-day life around the rest of the house.

“There are so many types of loft conversions, how do I choose what’s right for me?”

Here at 4C’s, it is our job to not only help you select the right renovation for you whether it’s a Kitchen Extension, Attic Conversion or indeed a Gable End Loft Conversion, to put your mind at ease about the process. We will happily assess the space you wish to convert, and depending on the shape and size of your loft, establish the variety of conversion for you. Once we have come to an agreement that a Gable End Loft Conversion is right for you, we will explain all the advantages of such a conversion. Typically, a Gable End conversion would take place when a section of your pitched roof is converted to a straight wall at the very edge (the gable) to create a continuous roof space.

Advantages of a Gable End Loft Conversion

A Gable End Loft Conversion is the best option to convert an angled roof to give the maximum space and height capacity. The options are then pretty much endless in terms of how to fill that space. You can add a bedroom to the remaining space and an en-suite bathroom/wet room in the new Gable End extension, or perhaps keep the majority of the loft space as a storage area, and add a home office in the new third floor room. Either way, you will free up space in the rest of the house (both downstairs and upstairs). You can also add roof lights to your new space in order to highlight your new space and add a more spacious feel in the loft.

No matter the type of improvements you wish to make to your home 4C’s of Ealing are experts in a huge variety of work including Full Loft/Attic Conversions, Rear Extensions, Garage Conversions and Room Extensions to name but a few.

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