Bigger House Extensions, No Planning Required!

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A previous ruling in relation to single story rear extensions is being made permanent by the Government. Over one hundred thousand people took advantage of the previous ruling in 2013. It doubled the size of extensions that did not require planning permission and now many more homeowners can take advantage of this latest property news.

For those living in England who own their own home, this now means that larger house extensions can be built without the need of planning permission from your local authority. Not only is this great news for existing homeowners but also new buyers who can potentially add immediate value to their homes.

If you’re extending a semi detached or terraced house, a single story extension of up to 6m can be added without a full planning application and an 8m long rear property extension can now be added for those who own a detached house.

Homeowners will simply be required to advise their local council before work takes place on the building. As with any home extension of this nature, your neighbours will be notified, can raise their concerns and object to the build. Only when the officials receive concerns, will the council make a decision whether the plans will be blocked.

What this means is that there will be less families who will need to move from their family home due to space as this new ruling will help them extend their property without so many hurdles to jump over during the process.

Not only good news for residential property owners but a number of rulings are coming into place to help commercial business owners to help them compete with the issues facing the UK’s high streets. One example is business owners can convert shops into offices without full planning applications required by their local council.

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