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Typically when you hear the word attic, your mind usually tends to lean towards a loft. The terms are virtually interchangeable, yet a Loft Conversion is very different to an Attic Conversion. A Loft Conversion is usually used to describe a third floor space that has been converted entirely into an additional floor, and in contrast, an Attic Conversion refers to a room built into a loft space, wherein the homeowners still retains some loft store space surrounding the usually square room within the loft. While they are still very similar in nature, there tends to be less planning and design involved with an Attic Conversion. The main elements you will need to consider are lighting in the form of velux/skylight windows and access from the lower floor. Many homeowners would lean towards having a staircase fitted from the second floor in relation to the previous loft hatch.

Uses of an Attic Conversion vs Loft Conversion

An Attic Conversion still gives you a heap more space on a previously unused loft space. Many Attic Conversions are used as office and bedroom spaces. They can assist with noise issues and give a lot more privacy when used as an office space for example. If you are in a busy neighbourhood or you perhaps have a teenage that has just discovered his taste in (loud!) music, an Attic Conversion offers a solution that may well keep you and your neighbours sane for just a little while longer.

It’s All About The Planning

Now you have decided to have an Attic Conversion on the third floor of your property, it is time to select a design of your new room, this will all depend on your current loft space and how large you want the room. 4C’s will walk you through every step of the way and can happily discuss lighting options, design and decoration even through to the trickier side such as having access to running water if you want to go the extra mile and have an attic en-suite.

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